Every year, companies pay millions of dollars to your favorite search engines to be featured at the top of their search results. These paid spots are often highlighted in special margins called "Sponsored Links" or "Sponsor Results."

Every time someone clicks on one of these links, the search engine charges a fee to the advertiser; this is known as "Cost-Per-Click."

Because the search engines make money every time someone clicks on a sponsored link, they are willing to pay a portion of their earnings to people who send more traffic to their website.

I CLICK TO GIVE™ has partnered with some of the top internet search engines to allow charities and non-profits to earn residual income using this simple principle. By using our unique patent-pending internet tool bar, you can donate up to up to 50% of the ad revenue generated from paid search clicks to your favorite charitable organization every time you click on a sponsored link.

Once you join, I CLICK TO GIVE™ will set up your charitable organization with a FREE customized toolbar with built-in links to your charity's website and a special news ticker for announcements and information. The toolbar also comes with a handy search box which will automatically take your users to sponsored link results that earn your charity up to 50% of the ad revenue generated from paid search clicks will go to your charitable organization.

Common Questions:

Q:   Is my organization eligible?
You must be a valid 501 C non-profit organization to be eligible for
What does it cost to setup? Is there any cost to me or my organization?
I CLICK TO GIVE™ is absolutely FREE for both the charities and its members.
How do I get started?
Just fill out the "Join Now" form and I CLICK TO GIVE™ will contact you to confirm that you are a valid 501 C non-profit organization. From there, we'll set you up with a FREE custom toolbar and login information so you can see how much your toolbar is earning.
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