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Advancing the fundraising efforts of countless non-profit causes

I CLICK TO GIVE™ is an innovative and practical way for your charitable organization to increase awareness of its efforts and to raise supportive funds. Regardless of the cause it supports, any charity can further accelerate its fundraising efforts utilizing the I CLICK TO GIVE™ passive fundraising program. The benefits to any non-profit such as a church, synagogue, homeless shelter, battered women’s facility, PTA, foundation for medical research, Boy/Girl Scout Troop or relief organization are endless.

Genuinely a fresh concept in fundraising ideas, I CLICK TO GIVE™ provides participating charities with a FREE system that gives them the edge in fundraising efforts.

I CLICK TO GIVE™ directly assists your charity in achieving its financial goals via a contemporary, streamlined fundraising process. With simple setup and minimal maintenance, it allows charity patrons and supporters to devote their time to doing the work to which they’re committed versus investing all their time and energy in raising money. The I CLICK TO GIVE™ fundraising program basically operates itself automatically after setup and initiation.

What’s the catch? With I CLICK TO GIVE™ there is no catch . . . plain and simple, it’s absolutely free for both the charity and its supporters. By partnering with I CLICK TO GIVE™, your charitable organization can begin earning money today. Simply let your members and supporters know that they can visit your organization’s web site to download its free customized I CLICK TO GIVE™ Toolbar. Members then start using your customized toolbar for online searches. Your organization will receive up to 50% of the ad revenue generated from the clicks from paid results!

If you know of another non-profit organization that would benefit via participation with I CLICK TO GIVE™, please refer its director or other responsible officer/member in charge of fundraising ideas and events to this web site.

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